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The Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business

You may have stumbled upon this section by accident and don't feel you have done anything in the workplace that is less than completely honest and ethical at all times. You've always played by the rules of your industry. However, many now-disgraced CEOs believed they also were playing by the "rules of the game." At the very least, they didn't pay attention to the fact that the rules they chose to follow were skewed in their favor and against the interests of thousands of others.

Whether you are a lowly worker in an accounting, advertising, or sales department, or the owner of a small business, the basic questions we ask you to explore in this part of The Workplace section are these: "Are you playing by rules that, on close examination, are fair to everyone?" and "Would you be willing to have any business action of yours printed on the front page of the local paper?"

Ethics and Social Responsibility


Defining and Communicating Ethics in Your Business

Just What does Social Responsibility Mean These Days?

Ethics Brainteaser: Where do You Draw Your Line in the Sand?

Taking Social Responsibility Personally


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