Toyota Teams with Microsoft


Toyota has teamed up with Microsoft. Now why would a computer technology company team up with an auto manufacturing company? Well, let’s see how and why this collaboration took place. Toyota has shown an interest in data science technology and for that reason has formed a partnership with a technology company to have the designs done. This technology will make it easier for customers to understand the ease of technology. Though, this may sound counterproductive, it really is not. Toyota wants to reduce the dictatorship that technology once had.

The Goal of the Partnership

This new company formed between Microsoft and Toyota is known as Toyota Connected. The goal of the company is to make technology as simple as possible for customers. The collaboration is going so far as to prevent distractions for drivers and the complex touch screens that can be found in most vehicles. The company partnership is set out to provide a replacement by introducing the technology that is voice activated instead of hands-on. While drivers are behind the steering wheel, distractions such as what hands-on technology requires will only serve to be risky and seriously dangerous. Drivers, in most cases, have to take their eyes off the road and this is far from safe.

The Unique Features

Moreover, many motorists may be tired of trying to fumble with a device while driving. It can be a disjointed type of experience, one that requires caution – in every sense of the word. Toyota Connected is no different from other auto manufacturers. How? They are still conducting research to see if they can use their technology to link more than one car to each device and from the vehicle to the home. They are also considering features related to telematics. What is this? It is a technological feature that will learn the habits of the driver so as to anticipate the driver’s actions. The technology will even go a step further to transmit data about the driver’s health to his or her doctor or the motorist’s patterns of driving transferred to the insurance company. That will ensure that all motorists are insured. Toyota Connected will also assess whether they should directly link with motorists who are driving their Toyota vehicles in order to report conditions related to traffic and weather. Toyota should also consider providing loan information and anything else that a Toyota motorist may be interested in.

The Changes

This collaboration between Microsoft and Toyota speaks volume to the major changes that will take place in the transportation industry for several years to come. This would include manufacturing vehicles that are self-driven. With this self-driving concept, Toyota is following in the footsteps of large automakers such as:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • General Motors
  • Tesla

These self-driven vehicles will only enter highways and freeways, but it is a big step in the direction of self-sufficient and self-directed driving. Toyota is not alone. Believe it or not, Google has already embarked on the same concept by conducting tests on self-driven vehicles on actual streets in Washington State, Texas and California.

Ongoing Research

According to Toyota, their new company, Toyota Connected will support ongoing research into robots and artificial intelligence; in addition to the analysis of data from cameras and sensors in the vehicle. This will serve to provide information to develop algorithms for more efficient self-driven vehicles. One thing is sure and that is motorists would have to opt into the reporting of data in order to access it when shared by Toyota.


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