Top Fears New College Students Have

new student

When you are bound for college and it is your first year, there are many fears that you may have. Undeniably and in the front of your mind is the idea of leaving your comfort zone and venturing off into an unknown world – away from home. Don’t feel bad because you are not alone. College can be an enlightening and rewarding experience as long as you remain positive and take advantage of the opportunities offered to you.

The Roommate

Yes, you may experience a nightmare with that horrible roommate, but that isn’t the end all of everything. Most colleges have resident hall assistants to provide help in solving all roommate issues. If mediation doesn’t work, you can change your roommate. You can also have a sit down with the roommate to discuss what you like and what you don’t. However, this should be done from the onset to avoid future issues.

New Friends

You may have a hard time making friends, but believe it or not, college will have some great people that you can befriend. It may be easier to join a fraternity or club so that you can feel like family. Yes, that is what most fraternities push for and it will fill the gap of you missing your own family at home. You can also find friends during the orientation period where most of the attendees are the same age group.

The Party Scene

You are going to be confronted with this issue. How you handle it will determine how well you do in school. Too much partying can create problems for you, especially with maintaining your academic scores. It would be better to avoid too much partying. Be firm about this and don’t worry about what your other college buddies might think about you.

College Papers

You may also be wondering how you are going to efficiently write your college papers and if you are smart enough to maintain a decent GPA. There is nothing that disciplined studying cannot do in that regard. If you need help, college offers tutors and writing labs. So take advantage of it. As long as you keep about a 2.0 GPA average, you should be fine.


You have to put in the time to study. You also have to be organized and manage your time well. Get to know your professors for when you need to ask for help. They will most always accommodate you and give you study tips. However, the pressure will remain on you to be an astute student. Don’t wait until the day before an exam to pick up your textbook. Study right up to the day before the exam, but give yourself at least one week of studying. You can do it.  You could also get involved in various study groups or form your own.


It is normal to feel homesick, especially during the first semester and if you have never left home for that long before. Speak to the resident assistant or go to the counseling center to speak to someone there. They can help you to feel at home. Call home when you can, but get busy. There are so many positive things that can occupy your time in college.

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