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The Nuts and Fruits of Cancer Prevention

By Jill Place, MA, RD

Research hints that eating more of some foods may help prevent cancer. If you have cancer, have had cancer, or want to prevent cancer it might be a good idea to read about cancer-preventing foods in the four articles below. You might want to read these articles in the order that they appear below so that you can get the entire story about how certain foods may help prevent cancer.

What to Know in a Nutshell

About Fruits and Vegetables

Other Great Cancer Prevention Foods

A Sample Cancer Prevention Menu

If you're serious about preventing cancer, you might also want to try some of the foods suggested in these articles. But if this type of food plan seems unappetizing to you, don't fret. Right now, you may not be willing to give up burgers and fries for lots of fruits and vegetables, beans, tofu, and nuts. But you may be willing to substitute a salad, cole slaw, or fruit for the fries and a turkey or veggie burger for the hamburger two or three times a week. Or you may want to take it slower and try a suggested food every week. Or even slower and try one each month. There's no right and wrong way to make lifestyle changes.

Making a new food a part of your life is always a major achievement. And making a small change today may open the door to bigger changes tomorrow. Let Learning Place Online help you on the journey with recipes, shakes, and menus. Bon Apetit!

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