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Great Recipes for Cancer Patients


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Where We Get Our Recipes

We are glad to provide you with good-tasting, healthy recipes from several sources. The first is a link to an online health nutrition magazine called, appropriately, Delicious. We recommend you visit that site after you've taken a look at the recipes we're accumulating here on Learning Place Online.

One of the sources for the recipes on CancerOnline comes from Diana Dyer, MS, RD, a registered dietitian, cancer survivor, and author of A Dietician's Cancer Story. [You may purchase it from the author's own website, which she maintains for cancer survivors with scrumptious, family-tested, ultra-healthy recipes and many additional helpful and reliable Internet links.] You may, of course, copy the recipe for individual use, but to re-publish in any form, please contact Diana at dianadyermsrd@provide.net.

The source for two of our recipes comes from the Non Chew Cookbook by J. Randy Wilson. [You may purchase it from the author's website.] This is an excellent resource for people suffering from chewing, swallowing and dry mouth disorders. The cookbook has received many endorsements from a wide variety of medical professionals and we are pleased Randy has given us permission to offer you two of his recipes.

Try These Great Recipes

Diana's "Super Soy and Phytochemical Shake"

Non Chew Seafood Casserole

Non Chew BBQ Meat Loaf

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